Cold Finish

1018: A low carbon steel with good machining characteristics often used for parts requiring cold forming.

1040: A medium carbon steel that possesses more strength characteristics than 1018 material.

4140/42/45/50: Steels with high hardenability. Excellent for high temperature applications. Good balance of strength, wear resistance, and ductility.

12L14: one of the fastest free machining carbon steels in the market.

1117/11l17: Low carbon content, high manganese content. High machinability, low weldability.

1137/1141: medium carbon content with good mechanical and free machining benefits.

Precision Shafting: possess highest level of accuracy qualities. Industry standard for straightness, concentricity, surface perfection.

1213/1215: “Screw Stock”-high sulphur and phosphor content. Extremely high free machining qualities. Due to high sulphur content, not considered weldable.

Stressproof/1144 HI Stress: A carbon/manganese free machining grade with high tensile properties, as well as excellent wearability, and strength. Should not be welded.

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